Sports Industry Snapshot

The Kraft Analytics Group (KAGR) and the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (SSAC) partnered on this survey and series of interviews to measure sports industry respondents’ satisfaction with their organization’s use of data and analytics.

The snapshot includes data collected from a wide range of industry professionals at teams, leagues, and other organizations – spanning from executives to entry level analysts.

We dive into topics such as:

  • Capabilities of Systems and Platforms
    • Poor integration between data sources and systems, system/platform reliability, and outdated systems
  • The Secondary Ticket Market
    • Dynamic ticket pricing, inventory management, and price changes
  • Engagement Marketing
    • Social media, content marketing, and loyalty based marketing
  • Data Driven Sponsorship
    • Return on investment, brand engagement data, and measuring impact

and much more!

We welcome feedback and your insights on the Sports Industry Snapshot. Please share your perspective at

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