Bring the Noise. As a former collegiate and professional basketball player, my biggest challenge was quieting the noise (both in my head and in the stands).  In the mid-1990s, I was running sports psychology experiments for an advanced statistics class at Harvard University on “performance under pressure” to find an edge at the end of basketball games. The intersection between sports and analytics has always fascinated me.

Over the past 20 years, my love for data and sports has morphed into a passion for the business of sports and entertainment. In the early 2000s at the Kraft Sports Group, we did not have a single view of our customers to understand their impact across our diverse businesses.  Now, with a holistic view of our 5 million customers, we track and analyze data to make better decisions and drive revenues across ticketing, retail, digital, sales and much more.

In parallel, I co-founded the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference in 2006 to provide a forum to increase knowledge and discussion around sports and analytics. Considered one of the preeminent sports conferences in the world, it has been critical to driving innovation in the industry.

Today, our team, which has been built over the past 15 years, is the deepest and most experienced in sports and entertainment. We’ve built the data management and analytic approaches to engage customers, improve business operations and generate incremental revenues. Our goal is to quiet the noise so you can prioritize running your business.

– Jessica C. Gelman, Chief Executive Officer