The Future of Live Events & Sports

The Reemergence of Fans Post COVID-19

KAGR has undertaken a data-driven approach to better define and understand the Future of Live Events and Sports during the recovery from COVID-19.

Our goal is to predict fan interest in attending games when live events resume. Our framework and analysis will suggest where attendance could be highest based on market factors, venue initiatives, and fan avidity.

In a regular series focused on the data, KAGR will explore three key questions related to fan demand on a market-by-market basis:

  • Will fans come to games?
  • Will interest be higher than before?
  • Has the willingness to pay changed?

This report serves as an overview of KAGR’s analytical approach and a preview of hypotheses and insights we will explore.

We welcome your feedback, insights, and perspective as we endeavor to provide our view on the Future of Live Events and Sports. Our focus is providing information to help businesses make informed decisions. If you are interested in receiving weekly updates or have interest in partnering with us on this effort, please contact us:

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