• Data Management

    Data Management

    Harnessing data can be a daunting task, even for the most sophisticated companies. With advanced technology and more than 15 years of data experience, KAGR can help solve the data challenges that companies face, such as:

    • Combining customers across multiple systems
    • Visualizing data in meaningful and easy-to-digest dashboards
    • Cleaning, standardizing, and appending to existing data
    • Implementing complex business rules tailored for specific objectives


  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Establishing a single view of the customer enables analysis across a wide range of demographic and behavioral attributes. Using a variety of advanced modeling techniques, KAGR leverages the enhanced view of the customer to build and deliver predictive models, such as:

    • Lead scoring
    • Look-a-like
    • Retention
    • Customer lifecycle
    • Revenue, attendance, and other forecasting


  • Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    Becoming data-driven doesn’t happen overnight. KAGR’s consulting team can help lead organizations through the early stages of data evolution and think through the best approaches for your specific needs. KAGR’s strategic consulting services include:

    • Technology: ecosystem assessments, system & needs evaluation, and implementation support
    • Analytics services: data governance, organizational data roadmaps and pricing strategies
    • Strategic marketing: marketing automation, market research, and customer acquisition & engagement